Kindness #LifeHacksForHappiness

Kindness rules. Do 3 random acts of kindness today. Offer someone your place in a line. Help an elderly person carry their shopping bags. Pay for someone’s coffee. Then write down how it made you feel.
kindness lifehacksforhappiness

A to Z Challenge 2015 and K is for Kindness



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3 Responses to “Kindness #LifeHacksForHappiness”

  • Ah, such good suggestions? But do you know what happened when I held the door for someone at the local public library today? The person snarled at me. That’s not the usual reaction I get. I shrugged and moved on. It won’t prevent me from doing it again.

    • Hugs Alana! That’s the spirit! 🙂 I get that too. Especially the people who won’t smile back when ya smile back at them! Who knows what they’re going through!

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