Vidya Sury Lifehacks Happiness happiness tip

Happiness Tip #LifeHacksForHappiness

Set the timer to 3 minutes and start listing what makes you happy right now. How many can you count? Repeat whenever you feel low. Although, I’d think you really don’t need a reason to reflect on what makes you happy. A to Z Challenge 2015 H is for Happiness  

gratitude vidya sury

Gratitude #LifeHacksForHappiness

Gratitude makes life worth living. Start a gratitude journal today. Write 2 things you are grateful for at the end of the day, everyday. See how you feel in one week. A to Z Challenge 2015. G for Gratitude

forgive lifehacksforhappiness

Forgive #LifeHacksForHappiness

Experiment with forgiveness today. Forgive yourself. Forgive someone. Forgive an event. To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. ~ Lewis B. Smedes A to Z Challenge 2015 F is for Forgiveness

lifehacksforhappiness encourage

Encourage a stranger #LifeHacksForHappiness

Encourage a stranger today with a compliment, a smile, a “thank you”. More than one is perfectly acceptable. Day 5 of the A to Z Challenge and E is for Encourage

Vidya Sury Lifehacks Happiness Detox

Detox #LifeHacksForHappiness

Detox! Switch off all your devices for an hour today and go for a walk. Enjoy and observe nature. Feel the difference! Dream a little! Day 4 of A to Z Challenge 2015. D for Detox

connect lifehacksforhappiness

Connect #LifeHacksForHappiness

Connect. Contribute to a Cause today. Doesn’t matter if it is big or small. Buy someone a meal. Donate one item of clothing. Share a coffee. Celebrate! Day 3 of the A to Z Challenge 2015 and C is for Connect

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