Listen to your heart #lifehacksforhappiness

Listen to your heart

Start connecting with your life’s true purpose. Ask yourself, “How can I help? How can I serve?” Then, listen to your heart for the answer.

Engage Vidya Sury


Spend time with a senior citizen today. A neighbor, a co-worker… someone from your local Home for the elderly. If you want to bring them a gift, lovely!

Commit. Vidya Sury Lifehacksforhappiness


Choose one cause that moves you and commit to supporting it in some way every week – with your time, energy, resources, or even your positive thoughts. Read about a very brave girl from a worthy cause – Project Why, the theme of Damyanti’s A to Z Challenge posts. Met Babli, the Bindaas girl ? #atozchallenge Vidya Sury – having fun with…

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volunteer life hacks for happiness

Volunteer #LifeHacksForHappiness

Volunteer: Take action today to support a cause you care about. Small or big, both work. Just do it. How might you use your talents to the benefit of others today? A to Z Challenge 2015 V for Volunteer

practice compassion vidya sury

Practice Self Compassion #1000Speak #lifehacksforhappiness

Practice self-compassion today. Take a sheet of paper (or keyboard) Write a letter to yourself. Make a list of all your positive qualities and features Acknowledge yourself. Go look in the mirror and say “I love you and accept you as you are” “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your…

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