one thing you can do right now #lifehacksforhappiness

One thing you can do right now

Thinking about something you need to do/want to do, but not taking action, is tiring. When you feel this way, take action, even if it is for 5 minutes. You’ll feel better.

A quick lift me up #lifehacksforhappiness

A quick lift-me-up

Want to lift your spirits? Lift the corners of your mouth. When you smile like you mean it, you can change your brain’s chemistry and feel happier.

A nudge #lifehacksforhappiness

A Nudge

Here’s a nudge: if you could create a perfect life for yourself, what would it look like? Think about it.

Self talk #lifehacksforhappiness

Self talk

If there’s an area in your life where your self-talk is not supporting your well-being, replace that thought with a message of self-love. Let that thought be your affirmation for today.

Get back up #lifehacksforhappiness

Get back up!

Have you “failed” in your own mind? What will get you back up again? What will help you bounce back?

Bring Joy Vidya Sury

Bring Joy

Bring joy to another living being today. Just because… you can!

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