Change is good #lifehacksforhappiness

Change is good

Change. Examine your habits today. Reflect why you do the things you do. Does it benefit your body, mind, spirit? If yes, great. If no, change. Change is good.

Breathe consciously #lifehacksforhappiness

Breathe consciously

Breathe consciously. Get comfortable. Close your eyes Imagine your breath, flowing in and out. Inhale and exhale for 2 minutes. Next, count to 5 when you inhale, hold. and exhale for a count of 5. Repeat 10 times. Then rest for 2 minutes. Now get back to what you were doing.

Aware #LifeHacksForHappiness


Are you aware of when you are “choosing” and when you are “running on automatic”?

Listen Vidya Sury


Listen to your inner voice. Listen to your mind, your body, your heart. You’ll be surprised at what you hear.

look back Vidya Sury

Look Back

At the end of the day, look back. Which parts felt good? Do this daily. It can be life-changing!

Zen Vidya Sury


Spend ten minutes in silence. Send a friend a handwritten letter. Zoo Zen Zoo Zen

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