Prepare #lifehacksforhappiness


Get that outfit ready the night before to avoid stressing over what to wear in the morning. How much time can you save like this? Can you get 5 more minutes sleep? How about that second cup of coffee with your loved one?

life hacks for happiness xylophone

Xylophone #LifeHacksForHappiness

X for Xylophone? Yes, yes! Xylophone. Pick up those wands and work your magic on the keys. Make some noise. Let yourself go. Do it with a child, or three. Feel your heart sing. Enjoy the freedom! A to Z Challenge 2015 X for Xylophone

play lifehacksforhappiness

Play #LifeHacksForHappiness

Grab a bunch of crayons or watercolor tubes and brushes and paint for an hour today. Turn off your devices when you do it. Bonus points if you do it with a child. A to Z Challenge 2015 P is for Play

laugh lifehacksforhappiness

Laugh #LifeHacksForHappiness

Laugh out loud for at least 20 minutes today. Share jokes with someone. It is a great way to relieve stress and a wonderful mood-upper! And it is good for your soul! Laughter is the best medicine! A to Z Challenge 2015 L is for Laugh